Month: June 2019

YouTube is giving more control over Video Recommendations

YouTube Video Recommendations

YouTube is constantly innovating things to enhance users’ experiences. Recently the features like Time Watched and notification controls are an example of YouTube’s continuous improvement. Now the video streaming giant is more focusing on video recommendation algorithm. The recommendation algorithm has software that encourages users to watch the video just after one completes. YouTube is …

Samsung rumored to release vertically foldable phone with 6.7-inch display

Samsung Vertically foldable phone

Samsung had recently released its first foldable phone, Galaxy Fold. But under some problems, it has pulled back the phone and postponed its launch. Still, there is no news of Samsung Galaxy Fold’s release. Keeping this aside, Samsung is still reportedly working on another, vertically foldable phone, Korea’s ET News released an article on the …

Smart speaker could help when you’re experiencing cardiac arrest

Smart speaker

For Cardiac patients, Cardiac arrest happens frequently, and in most of the times at home. Sometime patient may not have people around to ask for his help. In the situation, your smart speaker can help you. University of Washington researchers has designed a proof-of-concept AI that detects the cues of cardiac arrest through your voice. …