5G spectrum trial will start from June in India

5G spectrum trial india

The world is growing at 5G, many countries and telecom companies of the world are doing 5G spectrum trial and examining it in their ways. 5G compatible devices are being started in the market and it is expected that soon India will start using 5G.

5G spectrum trial is beginning in India

Along with the US, China, and some other countries, India is also moving 5G and taking steps. India is going to get a much-awaited network trial for the 5G service soon. According to sources, this may start from next month i.e. June. According to the Indian Telecom Ministry, a committee on the spectrum has asked telecom companies for a trial and has recommended using the 5G spectrum for three months.

Sources said that in the coming 15 days only the telecom companies will be allocated 5G spectrum for trial. And companies will be able to start the 5G service trial in the first week of June. Network trail licenses will also be issued to all these companies in the next few days.

Which companies are participating in the 5G trial?

At the outset, the Spectrum Testing Committee has asked some telecom companies to provide the 5G spectrum for three months. These companies include Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio. If companies need more time for network stabilization, then this timeframe can be extended for one year. According to sources, the committee of the telecom ministry has allowed three equipment manufacturers- Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson to participate in the 5G test run.

In this trial, a telecom operator will cooperate with an equipment manufacturer. According to the information so far, Airtel for the trial can partner with Nokia, Geo with Samsung, and Vodafone Idea with Ericsson. The Chinese telecom company Huawei had also applied to participate in this test run but the Department of Telecom has not yet made any decision on this.

If this trial is complete then the 5G spectrum will auction in or after October. In these times all these telecom companies will have better understanding their network needs and shortcomings. Although the 5G test run has got a green signal, if the telecom companies take time to start the trial, then in India it can be delayed and started in July-August. And if the 5G trial begins on time, then the auction of the spectrum can be started in September.

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