5G Trends for 2020, 5G technology predictions and use cases

5G Trends

Data has become an integral part of our daily lives. along with providing a medium of communication, mobile technology has now emerged as a way for content consumption too. With the ever-increasing speed of mobile internet from 2G,3G to 4G, the uses of the internet are growing parallels. However, the scenario will soon be going to change with 5G speed. The much-hyped 5G technology has many expected uses cases and the possibility to create a revolution in the mobile and network industry. The 5G trends will open the door for enormous opportunities to make our lives smarter than ever.

5G Trends: 5G technology predictions and use cases

5G technology is not only the next version of 4G, but it promises many developments. Just imagine, what all can be possible with over 100 times increased speed, 5 times lowered latency, 100 times more connected devices, and 100% connectivity. There’s no doubt that these specifications of 5G will be a game-changer in rapidly transforming the digital world.

5G is in its development and the world is waiting for it. 5G network trials are going on in every major market worldwide. Major smartphone companies are working to reveal their 5G handsets.  For instance, Samsung has launched a 5G handset in 2019 and the launching trend is goining on in this year too.

Expectations from 5G trends are high with this next-generation mobile standard. Hence, we have a few predictions for possibilities for upcoming 5G trends.

Smart Home

Smart Home Technology and 5G Trends

Smart Home technology is based on the IoT interconnection. Multiple Smart devices connect with each other or the hub and make a network. 5G technology will provide a healthy platform for these devices to perform successfully.

Imagine getting a notification from the smart home sensor device that your home AC is on. After knowing this you could stop this just pressing a tab on your phone’s display. in the above situation, bot IoT devices and 5G together play their roles. The IoT devices use narrow bandwidth to support a huge number of commands per cell or device. After the high speed of 5G data and economic internet costing, deep coverage can be provided to IoT.

With 5G, networks of the future will need to be smart and automated and should have the ability to switch between different functions. So, it can explore numerous possibilities and support a range of 5G use cases.


VR, AR Technology and 5G Trends

With current 4G, VR and AR technologies got a chance to emerge. Similarly, with increasing throughput, data transfer speed, and efficiency, 5G will poise the ideal condition to enhance VR and AR applications up to a greater extent.

AR and VR have a great future with there ability to provide tremendous experiences to users. Activities such as online gaming, PlayStation, Self-Driving vehicles, and AR Apps will experience the real environment with 5G.


Cloud Computing and 5G Trends

Under the 5G trends, Cloud Computing will be highly benefited. The 5G technology evolution will lead an exponential growth in users that can generate demands of its applications in the speedy mobile network. In the same way, 5G’s higher transmission rates will allow storage and services to be shifted to the cloud sources. That simply means that you would be able to store all your high-quality content including 4K videos, files or documents on the cloud and access it whenever you need, without any performance issue.

The Outline

All the above were just a few predictions and uses cases under 5G trends. Also, in a 5G environment, there will be a lot more devices. Similarly, the 5G uses cases may be numerous, however, there will still be a need for hardware and compatible devices at the network edge.

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