6G network technology, what is this for which China is planning to research?

6G network technology

While the world is planning to launch the 5G network, China has started thinking about 6G network technology. Chinese Minister Miao Wei, who is the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, has announced research in 6G network technology. With this announcement about the Sixth-generation of mobile communications network 6G, technology manufacturers have also begun to look into it.


China is planning to research in 6G network technology

According to a report, Chinese Minister Miao Wei said that this beginning of 6G network technology research is closely related to the expansion of “Internet of Things”. He added that in the future, for the self-driving cars and other digital work related to day-to-day tasks, there will be a huge transfer of data required. And this will need a 6G network, which will provide a robust and fast network speed.

At present, China is working on 5G network technology with two major Chinese companies, Huawei and ZTE. Su Xin, head of a 5G technology at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that Beijing has started working on 6G technology. However, by completing this research, it will take a decade for the commercial execution of 6G. He further said that – large bandwidth, low latency, and wide connection, 6G technology can achieve better results in these three scenarios. And the speed of this network can reach 1Tbps in the real world.

What is 6G network technology

What is 6G network technology?

6G network technology is the sixth generation mobile communication technology. Currently, as 5G technology is proposing for global coverage, similarly 6G will advance the information and technology resources. We know that high-speed internet connectivity and the network is used in various functions. Few of its functions are – resource monitoring, weather information, multimedia video streaming, and earth imaging satellites. The goal of 6G technology is to make all these services, much better.

6G network technology will be much helpful for home automation and can build a Smart home, Smart Cities and Villages. It can also be beneficial for Space technology and Defense, Satellite Communication and Sea to Space Communications.

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