Is AI News Anchor the future of news broadcast?

AI News Anchor

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the biggest revolution of the decade. It has created huge waves in the field of technology. And now people started raising concern about whether AI will occupy human jobs? And this question is slowly becoming the subject of global debate. At this time, the AI news anchor you’ve just heard is going to shape the future of news broadcast. China has introduced an AI news anchor, the world’s first AI-powered, human lookalike news reader.

AI News Anchor to shape up future of news broadcasting

So far, China has developed two new AI-News anchors that have been developed by Chinese state news agency Xinhua and technology company Sogou. The AI news anchors are quite realistic in the case of their lips movement, speech, and facial expression.

Video Courtesy: New China TV (YouTube)

Interestingly, AI news anchors can work tirelessly for 24 hours continuously. With Machine Learning techniques, AI News Anchor constantly learns from the live broadcast video. In addition, this can read texts as naturally as the professionals do.

News anchors around the world are getting a big amount for anchoring. In a report, the news anchor in America gets an average salary of $ 83,300 per year and this can be up to $ 875,000. An AI news anchor may save millions for news broadcasters because the broadcasters don’t have to pay big salaries to them.

Google is already working for an AI-powered audio news feed that’ll be integrated with Google Assistant. This Artificial Intelligence feature has an ability to change other audio news sources. In the same way, AI-driven news anchor tech can cut jobs of current anchors of news media. And not only the news anchors, but also the place of anchors or hosts on different platforms.

However, there’s still a lot of work to do in this AI field. In continuity, companies are constantly working towards AI to make it applicable effectively. And seeing recent trends and developments, you can understand its future.


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