Amazon adds 2,500 New Sound Clips on the Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library

Amazon new sound clips

Recordings of 2500 new sounds clips have been included in Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library. It’s now a huge record you can access. Tech giant Amazon has announced in its official blog post that it’s adding over 2,500 clips across 50 categories to the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Sound Library. And it’s a free access collection. This news will rejoice the voice app developers.

  • A sum of nearly 3000 sound samples now
  • New search bar to get the clips quickly
  • Creating Richer and realistic experiences in skills

Amazon is adding 2,500 New Sound Clips on ASK Sound Library

All have been introduced to build engaging skill experiences that delight the users. App developers will find a new search bar and the smart filters to search these sound clips easily. The ASK Sound Library also let them preview all the available sounds before selecting them to use in a skill.

In a recent blog post of Amazon, it informed that it has added sound clips under more than 50 sound categories such as animals, boats, doors, and sports. Now ASK’s total number of sound samples are almost 3,000, that provide rich soundscapes to give realistic clips.

Amazon has initially introduced the ASK Sound Library in March 2018. There were nearly 400 sound clips from 14 different categories. From the first, voice app developers are using these sound clips into skills. And incredibly, the sound clips are playing for millions of times worldwide per month and making a delightful experience for its users.

Keeping in mind the huge demand, Amazon has made the decision to increase the number of sound clips and added more than 2500 new sounds to ASK’s sound Library so that the collection can help developers to create delightful skill experience. Now developers can quickly create a richer set up for your skills using various sounds having different spaces.

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