Amazon’s AI-powered ‘Shazam for clothes’ will identify fashion for consumers


Amazon is now a giant of online retailing. But, still, there’s a field it needs to cover, which is fashion. To get into this huge market, Amazon is introducing a new tool that will be powered by AI. This is StyleSnap, which will help customers searching for suitable clothes to buy.

Amazon’s StyleSnap is mainly ‘Shazam for clothes, which is an Amazon mobile app. Users can upload their image or take a new picture, and StyleSnap will match the look in the photo using Machine Learning and AI. This will help to find similar clothes that are available for sale on

Amazon’s launches AI-powered StyleSnap app to identify fashion

Amazon’s consumer worldwide CEO Jeff Wilke reveals the feature at a conference in Las Vegas. He said that the simplicity of the customer experience belies the complexity of the technology in the backend.

However, this is not completely new. Already many startups are offering similar facilities or services. One of the firms in this service is Asos which is an online fashion giant. The main point is that StyleSnap must remain up to Amazon’s claims.

AI can easily help identify basic items of clothing, but consumers can also usually identify these items themselves. The challenge is to identify and match niche items and styles, for which consumers have difficulty in selection.

Yet, Amazon can’t be called as a fashion expert. But it is trying to get a position in the ground. In 2017 Amazon revealed the Echo Look, which is an AI-powered camera device. The Echo Look provides consumers fashion recommendations. But in some cases, its software made mistakes and fails to identify distinct cloths in images. Also, it repeats the same tips again and again.

After all, working towards StyleSnap reveals that now Amazon is wanting to get a lucrative fashion market. Also, the company hoping that the device’s expertise in artificial intelligence will raise it over competitors.

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