Amazon launches in-store pick-up counter in the US

Amazon in-store pickup counter

Amazon is continuously innovating the services and bringing new ways to enhance the buyers’ experience. This time Amazon has announced its latest service in the US called Counter. It’s Amazon’s free in-store pick-up service where Buyers can collect their ordered packages. And its first partner in the US is a drug store, Rite Aid.

There are more than 100 counters available across the US. Company’s longer-term plan is to expand the pick-up counters to 1,500 stores by the end of 2019.

This service was initially launched in Europe and Italy by partnering with the clothes retailer. The service has also been tested in India. The company is positive after results, and the service is driving better buyers’ engagement. Additionally, this adds new footfall for the shops who partnered for free in-store pick-up service. This pick-up option is an alternative to home delivery.

Usually, the packages delivered at home, but sometimes when you work in an office and no one at home, or do not have even neighbors available to receive your packages. Also sometimes there are problems with package theft if the box is left outside.

Buyers can choose Amazon’s free in-store pick-up service Counters will be an alternative to home delivery.


Benefits of  Amazon’s in-store pick-up service

  1. The major benefit is you can choose the available store near you as per your convenience.
  2. The in-store pick-up stores are located in every area so you’ll have enough options to select and collect your package.
  3. The most important benefit is that you can collect your ordered package as per your schedule.
  4. The in-store pick-up service is free.

All you’ll need to do is while ordering on Amazon, check the nearest in-store pick-up store to your address book. Then select the pick-up store during check-out. And, after receiving your barcode, go to the store and collect your package.


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