The Apple Card starts sign up process

Apple Card

Apple Card is going to be launched in August, though its release deadline was kept for “summer” which is now being completed. But Apple’s credit card launch date is not yet known. However, Apple employees have beta-tested the credit card so far and it has now opened the Apple Card sign up for some public trial users.

Apple said that those who’ve signed up to receive notification about, the company will invite them for Apple Card sign up today. However, the company hasn’t yet disclosed how many people will be in the preview user group.


The Apple Card sign up process starts

Apple Card sign up process requires iOS 12.4. For this, your address, birthday, income level and last four digits of your social security number will have to be given. All this information will be given to Goldman Sachs, that’ll approve or reject your application. However, Apple says that the approval or rejection process takes less than a minute.

Apple says that its goal is to be broadly accessible to every iPhone owner. Due to this, the requirements for signup won’t be as strict as other physical credit cards.

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Once your application is approved, your new card will immediately appear in your Apple Wallet. And now you can use it. During setup, you can request Apple’s fancy titanium card for free. Later, it’ll be mailed to you It’s quite neat to setup.

Apple has also uploaded a series of videos to its YouTube account and other platforms, showing Apple Card sign up process and how to use it.


What is Apple Card?

The Apple Card is a new credit card for iPhone users. It’s a digital card that runs on your iPhone. You can also use Apple Cards where Apple Pay is not available. Also, the physical Apple card is made of titanium on which your name will be inscribed.

You can use Apple Card anywhere in the world, where MasterCard is accepted. Apple Card can be used to purchase online and in physical stores. Apple’s credit card is limited to iPhone users only. That means if you are not an iPhone user, you won’t be able to get all the digital card transaction features of it.


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