Apple discontinues 12-inch MacBook

Apple discontinues 12-inch MacBook

Apple discontinues selling the 12-inch MacBook. Just after four years of the launch of the slimmest laptop in its lineup, the company has decided to stop its sale. Upgrades were also quietly stopped for the MacBook 12-inch. The previous generation MacBook Air that was without a Retina display, is now will not be available in Apple Stores.

The laptop was introduced in 2015 and started in a new zone of MacBook design. Interestingly, it was the first laptop that has USB-C, and the first with the problematic butterfly keyboard. Apple has confirmed to Engadget that the 12-inch MacBook sale has been stopped.

Apple discontinues 12-inch MacBook

Successive MacBook Pro in 2016 and the MacBook Air in 2018 have followed the same formula that had been set out for the 12-inch MacBook. However, those changes have been controversial in the Mac community. Because there were few amateurs steps such as missing the SD card slots and USB-A ports on other MacBooks. Also, the butterfly keyboard redesign was trouble. But still, Apple had gone to the design trends of the 12-inch MacBook. Also, some rumors point that after the long journey of Macbook, the next generation of MacBook Pro will come with a traditional keyboard.

Apple discontinues 12-inch MacBook and the laptop is going to disappear, that means the era of the non-Retina MacBook Air is ending. However, the laptop helped Apple to redesign the laptop industry. The company will still sele this laptop through education channels and resellers. That simply means it isn’t stopped completely.

Apple’s design team had already informed that Windows laptops are moving onto high-res displays, touchscreens, and convertible form factors. While Apple took its own time to bring just a higher-resolution screen to MacBooks. As an entry-level laptop, Apple continued the sale of the non-Retina Air for a few years with a price of $999. But now Apple has finally cut it off.


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