Apple Music has now surpassed 60 million subscribers

Apple music Subscribers

Jony Ive is not with Apple now, it may not be a piece of good news for the company. But there’s good news some good news from the company’s music streaming platform. In an interview with French media site Numerama, Eddy Cue, who is Senior Vice President of Apple, says that Apple Music has surpassed 60 million subscribers.

Recently in April, Apple had revealed that it reached to 50 million subscribers for Apple music. Quickly in just two months, the company has touched 60 million figure by adding 10 million subscribers.

Apple Music has surpassed 60 million subscribers

Apple Music has achieved a substantial number of subscribers in a short span. Taken into account the various parameters and measures, Apple is further expanding the platform. In 2019, Apple has reduced prices in India. Also started offering free music streaming with American Airlines and grabbed Shazam users, however, this free music trial is limited to four months.

Music streaming in India is growing substantially. The spending time of Indian consumers for listening to music is also increasing. Seeing the growth, international players like Spotify and YouTube Music are also focusing on India. Whereas Amazon Prime Music is leading to a huge library of 50 million songs. Google Play Music and Jio-Saavn also have millions of songs. As mentioned, Apple had slashed its prices in India and now Apple music subscription is available at Rs 99 per month.

The race continues and just like other music streaming companies, Apple is also expanding its base in India. This is because every company knows that India has a huge customer base for music. And further, the number of music streaming subscribers are taking a jump. Every music streaming player is filling its library with huge numbers of songs to attract subscribers. In the same way, Apple is also expanding the service and tending to grab the subscribers.


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