Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11 leaks in a new video

iPhone 11 leaks

In 2019, mobile giants are competing to launch their smartphones with new technology. In the past few days, we have heard about the launch of Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. On the same way, Huawei is also about to launch his Next Generation Mate 30. Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL also have an announcement. Also, OnePlus 7T Pro is also in discussions. Being the biggest tech giant, Apple is also working on its next-generation iPhone. A video of Apple iPhone 11 appeared on YouTube, in which models of iPhone 11 series were shown. A popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee hands-on iPhone 11’s realistic dummy. This video features dummy iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. If these dummies are right, then we can hope these models will be in line-up in September.

New video leaked Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11 models

After watching these models shown in Brownlee’s YouTube video, the first change you will notice is the camera. There are triple camera lenses and a flash at the rear of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. And iPhone 11R has dual camera lenses and a flash. This means that in the case of the camera, it’s different from the previous iPhone X and iPhone XS. In this next-generation iPhone model, this camera system is given in the top left corner in the rear.

Video Courtesy:  Marques Brownlee (YouTube)


However, It’s difficult to say that the rounded square for the camera will remain black or match the color of the iPhone. Because it was shown black in the YouTube video, but famous leaker Ben Gaskin has shown that it matches the color of the iPhone. Gaskin also shares some photos of the iPhone 11 on his Twitter account.


Brownlee said in the video that except this slight design change, he has not seen any major alteration compared to the iPhone X. iPhone 11 is still using lightning instead of USB-C. In the standard model, the display will be 5.8-inch and in the Max version, it will be 6.5-inch. Apart from this, the front camera notch is similar to the previous model.

We can hope that internal components will be improvised, and iOS 13 will also have a new appeal. We can expect this next-generation iPhone 11 in September, which is not far away. Apple will release its official teaser and leaks as the launch time comes. Also, coming near the launch, Apple will reveal its specification too. Till then, the iPhone shown in the videos and the image can be called rumor.


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