Apple is reportedly working on foldable iPhone and iPad

Foldable iphone

Samsung is in discussions about its foldable phone and is working very hard to popularize the concept. Along with this, other big companies are also in the race to make foldable phones. Looking at this trend, it seems that Apple can follow the followable phone concept soon. Based on a UBS Investor Note in a report given by CNBC, Apple is constantly working on foldable devices. And it is also speculated that Apple will launch a foldable iPad before possibly bringing a foldable iPhone. According to this note, Apple foldable iPhone or device can be launched in 2020 or 2021.

There is no doubt that there are hurdles in the manufacturing of foldable devices at present. We know that Samsung also launched the Galaxy Fold which was postponed due to some performance problems, although Samsung says that it has now solved the issue of its foldable phone.

If we talk about other difficulties, the price of a foldable phone may be the biggest obstacle, as UBS notes. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at $ 2,000, which is very expensive. Shopping for such an average consumer is a bit difficult for the average consumer.

Apple reportedly bring foldable iPhone and iPad by 2021

A survey conducted by UBS found that most customers would not think much of paying an extra $ 400 to $ 500 for a foldable device. But it seems that Apple foldable devices, such as foldable iPads and iPhones, can be even more expensive.

It is not a big deal that Apple is working on foldable iPhone, because every big phone company is working on it. Some companies like Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei, and Samsung are already in the race on the foldable phone concept. And so far these companies have filed several patents related to foldable devices.

By the way, Apple first brings new technology to the iPhone, then brings it to the iPad, but in the case of a foldable device, Apple can start with the iPad. Likewise, Apple can use foldable technology to deliver larger displays, making their larger devices such as the iPad, iPhone more portable.

However, Apple is still a bit slow compared to other companies like Samsung and Huawei in bringing any new features. But it is also good in terms of maintaining brand reputations. For example, Samsung reviewers started to publicly tell about the Galaxy Fold that this phone has a lot of problems. And after this, the company had to withdraw its devices. This makes other companies aware that before adopting any technology, it should be fully trusted.

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