The wonders of Artificial Intelligence in machines

Artificial Intelligence AI in machine

Artificial Intelligence in the machines: Humans use hands to perform tasks. But do you know, the work done by hands has already been done in their brain? It’s clear that human beings have already made the appearance in the brain before doing a work. Or say that, before the hands do the work, the brain gets the information of the work. In exactly the same way, machines also understand its nature before doing any work. In the 19th century, machines were required to provide input to do any work. But after the twentieth century, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the machines will be able to work themselves and make decisions. That will save a lot of time for humans. What is this Artificial Intelligence and how it can make human life easier? So let’s know the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in detail:

What is artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Some of my friends have understood the definition by listening to the phrase. But still let me tell you when we separate both words of Artificial Intelligence like,  Artificial + Intelligence. Now it can be easy to understand.  

Artificial means – Made or produced by human beings, rather than being natural. and Intelligence means -The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Made by humans in machines, such AI that creates the power to think and understand in machines. The machines are able to understand any work, well with the help of it. The skill of doing any work shows AI in machines.

Example of AI

You must have gone to eat food at some restaurant, or at some point in time, where you would have been asked to eat by a waiter. After this, you write your order. After some time the waiter sends your order to the table. But, what if your order holder is not a waiter and you have a machine, that has accepted the information you have given. It can complete your order by serving to the table of yours. Here, it’ll be an artificially intelligent machine or a robot.

Artificial Intelligence among people

Artificial Intelligence between the common people can be easily seen through the phone. You must have ever given a command to your phone with the voice command ever. By listening to the order, the phone interacts gives you the result. Siri in iPhone, Cortana in Microsoft phone and Google Assistant in Android phone, such voice assistants, helps you deliver results by listening to your voice instruction.

How Artificial Intelligence works

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the machines get the ability to understand given work. So that, it can do the work, correctly. However, it’s necessary to inform about the work to the machine. This information can be is given by speaking, or through the program. Understanding these spoken words, the machine does the match it with the existing information in its database, as soon as the blinking moment is over. This rapid response to matching the input data to the database comes under ‘Machine Learning’. When it finds the desired result, gives the output in the form of voice.

What are the types of Artificial Intelligence?

We’ll introduce you to four types of Artificial Intelligence, which are classified based on skills and ability to understand:

  1. Functional or Reactive: In this branch of AI, there is the efficiency of working by understanding the present circumstances, which receives information directly from the environment and the situation. Also, there is nothing to collect information here. Such as Google’s AlphaGo defeated Go experts. However, it could not assess all the moves that came forward.
  2. Limited Memory: The second branch of AI put its first branch, that’s Reactive AI, with limited memory. Before the machine works, it understands the job better by using the limited memory stored by it. Automatic car i.e. Self-Driving cars are using this type of AI.
  3. Brain Principles: This branch of technical AI will be seen in the future, where machines will be able to see and understand the human body language and make decisions. Currently, It’s only seen in Hollywood movies, where robots talk together and understand each other’s reaction.
  4. Self Aware: This will be the last phase of AI, where the machine will be able to represent itself. Such type of artificially intelligent machines will also have the amazing ability to understand and take the decision by themselves.

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