China is planning to launch Artificial Moon that will be more bright

China artificial moon

China Artificial Moon Project: Can people make their own moon? the answer is ‘Yes’. Because Chinese Space Agencies are going to launch an Artificial Moon to get light in the urban areas of the country. A scientist from China Space Agency said that it will be the world’s first artificial moon, which is designed to replace street lights in the city.

  • The Artificial Moon will be 500 km above the Earth.
  • The new moon will be launched by 2020.
  • It’s expected to be 8 times brighter than the real moon
  • The man-made moon will be adjustable for the location and its brightness
  • China will develop 3 artificial moons further by 2022
  • Some criticisms arising from this project


China launching an artificial moon that will be more brighter

China is planning to make an artificial moon by 2020. The artificial man-made moon will be placed in the orbit above Chengdu, which is the capital of Sichuan province. The new moon will be 500 km above the Earth. Here we must know the fact that our real moon is 380,000 km from the Earth.

China artificial moon


In addition, according to an interview by Mr. Wu Chunfeng, head of Tian Fu New Area Science Society with China Daily, if the launch of this artificial moon is successful and it starts working according to the hope, then China will develop three such artificial moons. And the launch of these new objects can be up to 2022. They will have the ability to illuminate an area of approximately 3,600 to 6,400 sq km on Earth for 24 hours.


China’s Artificial Moon to illuminate cities

The scientist also said that, as the moon shines, the artificial moon also has a reflective coating, which will reflect the sunlight on Earth. And this is expected to be eight times shiny than the natural moon. The new moon will be adjustable for the location and its brightness and it can be turned off. With all, this can help in getting the light in the area of disaster if necessary.

Although the news of China’s artificial moon is surprising, according to Chinese scientists, the first artificial moon is basically an experiment. And it might not be enough to give light to the sky all night. Similarly, the field coverage of light through artificial moon can be limited with 10 to 50km.

Scientist Mr. Wu also pointed out some criticisms of the man made-moon project. He said that the artificial lighting system may affect regular alternatives between night and day. In the same way, it can potentially disturb the metabolic pattern and sleep in people and animals, and cause harmful physical consequences. Because of the reason, they are testing it in a desert, where people can see it as a bright star, not a big moon.

This is not the first time someone is thinking of launching a man-made moon or something like that. In fact, Russia, in 1999, also tried to send 25m diameter space mirror. The objective of the project was to redirect the sunlight to the city of the country. According to the New York Times, the project could not be completed due to an unexpected breakdown in the system, and budgetary issues.

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