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Augmented Reality technology

Augmented Reality technology:  People often ask, what exactly do you mean by “Augmented Reality”? and What is “Augmented Reality”? It’s an obvious question, As some of the new things haven’t yet reached for widespread use. What we’re really looking for is Augmented Reality technology, that will have a perceptive effect on our lives.


What is Augmented Reality technology (AR)?

The word ‘augmented’ comes from ‘augment’ that means to enhance, add or make it better.  The Augmented Reality (AR) enhance users experience by adding sounds, videos, graphics and more without replacing real things.

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), the Augmented Reality (AR) develops reality by overlaying digital elements. Similarly, add information onto the originally viewed natural world.

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How Augmented Reality Works?

The Augmented Reality technology brings digitally generated objects into the real world and in real time. Equally, these overlaid AR objects create illusion and seem as real as natural things. In this case, only the user can see them on AR supported devices.

Here, the AR system enables and displays objects on the screens/glasses using sound and Touch feedback. To get results, the user needs AR supported device like mobile phones, tablets, head-mounted displays, and other handheld gadgets.

Additionally, users require Internet connectivity, Augmented Reality (AR) apps and software to expand their senses with derived AR experiences.


Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

In Augmented Reality, the digital objects in the form of layers or projections, become visible over reality. Significantly, the digital objects are placed in between the user and actual physical things. Accordingly, users can interact or manipulate them.

Whereas in Virtual Reality the current world disappears and you find yourself in an immersive, artificial digital world. And that is completely different than the actual. The virtual things may be quite impressive, where you can feel yourself anywhere you wouldn’t even think to be there.

developers working for Mixed Reality, combining both, AR and VR

Augmented Reality is increasing rapidly. Important to realize that it is extraordinarily capable to transform our perception of the world. Similarly, it also can be implemented in various industries like healthcare, public safety, tourism and marketing gas, and oil.

With this intention, many companies are working deeply to enhance Augmented Reality technology. Also, considering the fact, its popularity continues to grow. In the hope that, it will be beneficial for many new fields using it.

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