Google Titan Security Key to Safeguard Your Accounts

google titan security key

Google Titan Security Key: Online security is always an essential thing to be considered. Most of us who think about the online security is possibly using a secure two-factor authentication for our important accounts. With this intention, Google helped to create the phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) devices. Safeguard your account with Google Titan Security Key …

Facebook ‘Watch’ video service launched internationally

Facebook Watch video

Facebook Watch video: Facebook introduced new international rollout as ‘Watch’ and It’s available now.   The global launch of Facebook Watch video service The Facebook Watch video streaming service will explore a new approach to find out videos, and interact with other users across the globe. That indicates, users now can reach billions of viewers …

New Facebook feature Things in Common, helps you to find friends with strangers

facebook updates

Facebook updates new Facebook feature ‘Things in Common’ to find common things in strangers Facebook updates ‘Things in Common’ The Facebook features will be updated with a new tag Things In Common very soon. The new tool is in testing these days. With one of the new Facebook updates, ‘Things in Common’ will offer users to know …