Chrome blocking ads, supporting Global Better Ads Standards

chrome blocking ads

If you use Google Ads Manager or Adsense, then you may have seen this notification reminding you to comply with the Better Ads Standards. From July 9, Chrome is starting support for the Better Ads Standards globally. What does it mean? it simply means that Chrome blocking ads if your ads experiences do not comply with the standards.

Better Ads notification

Why Chrome is blocking ads?

Google Chrome is following Better Ads Standards and enabling ad blocker for Chrome starting from July 9th. the browser is now supporting Better Ads Standards that are designed to weed out some of the web’s most annoying ads. Furthermore, chrome can block ads on sites that repeatedly violate standards designed by the Coalition for Better Ads.

What are Better Ads Standards?

the Coalition for Better Ads has developed Better Ads Standards for mobile and desktop webs. The Ads Standards are based on comprehensive research over more than 66,000 people. The Coalition for Better Ads Standards has been announced in January 2019 and its research supports the adoption of the ‘one’ better Standards worldwide for desktop and mobile webs. Results of its study identified the ad experiences that annoy consumers and they are not accepting these kinds of ads.

There are four types of desktop web ads and eight types of mobile web ads come under the threshold of Ads Standard. Below some experiences are presented which are not suiting to consumers and Chrome is blocking these ads-


Global better ads Standard

How Better Ads Standards will affect publishers?

Chrome is going to block ads on websites which are using any of these twelve problematic and annoying formats since 9th July 2019. However, these filters have already been applied to users in the USA and Europe in February 2019. So, the good news is, there will be no change in these regions. But for the rest of the world, from July 2019 those ads will be blocked.

However, for the publishers from all other regions outside of USA and Europe, the Better Ads Standards will begin to roll out of the 9th July 2019. Now the publishers will need to review the ad experience report in the Google Search Console to ensure that they are not violating any of Better Ads Standards. On the other hand, the publisher who complies with policies will experience no impact.

Publishers who repeatedly violating the ads standards may lose revenue and even their websites may be blocked by Chrome. Full page ads, Pop-up ads, auto-playing sound, and video ads, and flashing ads will be targeted by Chrome. Hopefully, the target of chrome to block these kinds of ads will result in less annoying customers experience.


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