DuckDuckGo reaches 30 million searches in a day record

‘DuckDuckGo’, a privacy focus search engine which launched 10 years ago, has achieved a new milestone of 30 million searches in one day. DDG says through its Twitter account that after 10 years, it has obtained a mark of 30 million searches. It also said that in the initial 7 years the search engine had 10 million searches in one day, which went up to 20 million in the next two years, and even now the whole year is not over and the searches have increased to 30 million.

Here is the announcement through twitter:

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a general search engine that’s built keeping in mind the privacy of users. It was founded by Gabriell Weinberg in September 2008. And the search engine is available in most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • A privacy-focused search engine
  • Doesn’t store user information
  • Doesn’t track users
  • Available for most browsers such as- Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

As in some news and rumors, it’s said that large search engines and companies like Google and Facebook store information about users like their IP addresses. And also track them using their search history. But here DuckDuckGo says that it keeps the user’s information completely private and does not track and store them.

Along with this, DuckDuckGo is sometimes referred to as a hybrid search engine because it takes the help of its own crawler, DuckDuckbot, and sites like Wikipedia. And some search engines like Yahoo!, Yandex and Yelp are its partners, which help in showing the search results.


DuckDuckGo reaches 30 million searches in a day record

As we mentioned above, DuckDuckGo touched a milestone, reaching 30 million searches per day. It took 10 years to touch this mark and in the last few years, it has grown very fast.

Though DuckDuckGo has reached 30 million searches per day. But its market share is still approx 0.23%, where Google is the world’s largest search engine which is leading with an estimated 78% market share.

In fact, DuckDuckGo has evolved very quickly, and its achievements are worth appreciating. But most people like to take more amenities instead of paying attention to privacy. On the other hand, some people want to have their privacy and information completely safe. And they can like it because it’s a privacy-focused search engine.

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