New Facebook feature Things in Common, helps you to find friends with strangers

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Facebook updates new Facebook feature ‘Things in Common’ to find common things in strangers

Facebook updates ‘Things in Common’

The Facebook features will be updated with a new tag Things In Common very soon. The new tool is in testing these days. With one of the new Facebook updates, ‘Things in Common’ will offer users to know what are the common things or information matching with strangers. The matches may be to the place they belong, where they are living, the place they worked or many other matching criteria.

According to a latest Facebook updates reported by CNET, the new feature is in testing mode and may appear soon for people. Accordingly, it may appear at public comment sections of the page after login Facebook account.

The feature will build tags for users who usually comment on posts or articles posted by a company, brand or publisher. Hence, the comment when noticed will show a match or similarity with the strangers. It will pop out similarity only if it exists.

Things In Common

In other words, you’ll get to know that how you’re connected to the strange commenter on a public post. Similarly, Facebook updates a note of the strangers that you have found work at the same place where you are working currently. For instance, If a user lives nearby, the feature tag will show ‘From Mexico’ or wherever you’re from or living.

Even, with this feature, you can know if the strangers follow any same group the user is following. The new Facebook features may help you to explore new connections and make communication with people. Even the people whom you were passing unknowingly before.

At present, Things In Common appears in the US And available to a small number of users.

To clarify, the only information the users have made publicly available on their profile will be eligible to show with Things In Common tag. And will also stick to user’s viewers and their privacy settings.

New Facebook feature ‘Things In Common’ can be a bridge for people. The tool will help connect the user with other users basis their common things, tags or similarities.

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