Facebook ‘Watch’ video service launched internationally

Facebook Watch video

Facebook Watch video: Facebook introduced new international rollout as ‘Watch’ and It’s available now.


The global launch of Facebook Watch video service

The Facebook Watch video streaming service will explore a new approach to find out videos, and interact with other users across the globe. That indicates, users now can reach billions of viewers all across the countries and languages.

The Facebook Watch video streaming service was launched in the US, a year back. After getting a big response and interest among people, Facebook has decided to launch it internationally. As can be seen, like YouTube, or the Netflix, Facebook has now publicly entered into video streaming showground.

How to get Facebook Watch

You can view Facebook Watch video through a new tab called ‘Watch’. It is available for iOS and Android in the Facebook app. In order to access Watch on the app, look the list of available shortcuts into the menu. Here, you will see an updated list with this newly added ‘Watch’ icon.

How to access Facebook Watch

Now, you’ll see your watchlist at the top of your Watch feeds. Additionally, you will see a Facebook Watch video collection from pages you follow. You can customize this section accordingly follow new pages.

Henceforth you can access Facebook ‘Watch’ through Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Oculus TV and Xbox One.

Is Facebook Watch free?

Yes, Facebook Watch is absolutely free for its users. Because of, its monetization through ad breaks you can watch videos free, and just a login-away to your Facebook account.

Facebook Watch for business

At the same time, creators and advertisers can connect a huge number of audiences. On one side, advertisers can get benefits through ad breaks, alongside, creators or publishers stream Facebook watch video to generate new opportunities worldwide. In other words, creators can make money through their Facebook watch video creations.

On the positive side, the things about Facebook Watch seems awesome for users, publisher and even for advertisers. With attention to new insights, tools, and practices in creator studio, the Facebook watch platform will provide great opportunity to explore creativity and participation to its users.

Information Source: Facebook Newsroom

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