Foldable Smartphone Trend in 2020

foldable smartphone

Recently there are so many rumors about the foldable smartphone screen. The enthusiasm of the people shows that the folding smartphone trend is coming soon. Under this foldable smartphone trend, you might have heard words such as foldable phone, flexible-screen technology, added dual-screen and so on.

Evan Blass, who has a good track-record to leak accurate images of futuristic phones, shared images and videos of upcoming foldable screen phones.


The concept for foldable screen smartphones is arising for a couple of years. Similarly, social media and news agencies are constantly making hype that is creating the foldable smartphone trend.

Foldable Smartphone Trend is coming

The idea behind this foldable screen in a smartphone is to provide maximum screen size but a minimum phone size. Earlier or in the current, people are attracting towards bigger screens, but due to the fixed screen, phones are also larger in size. Tablets are also an option for a large screen, but usually, keeping it into the pocket is a big struggle.

Recently there is a new trend of Triple Rear Camera in smartphones, and that number of cameras looks increased in Nokia 9 PureView render. With a new concept every day, the smartphone industry is wondering what to create next. And obviously, there is a too big competition among the biggest phone companies.

But now, the concept has been accepted by the industry. And it’s going to be real soon. Major smartphone manufacturers are started planning towards flexible-screen technology or dual-screen. Samsung is the first in the foldable smartphone trend, to brand its phone with this new technology.

According to rumors, the company may reportedly launch the foldable-screen phone, Galaxy X, into the market soon. Similarly, companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Motorola are also planning their upcoming products into this foldable smartphone trend.

Now, There’s no question about the foldable smartphone trend. It’s almost confirmed that people will soon see this new technology on their hands. But the bigger question is will the smartphone with a foldable screen will be successful initially? Have the companies invented break-proof or fully flexible material to use for the screen? As per a few rumors, the answer is yes.

Now let’s see how will be the smartphone with amazing folding-screen, and how it will be its overall screen performance.

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