Will Google Assistant News feed replace your audio news sources?

Google Assistant News Feature

Human life has become faster and faster every day. And with this pace of life, you also required to be updated with daily news. Today, there are many sources of audio news which keep you update about what is happening around you. Here, the most common audio news source is radio and there are so many along with. But most of them are can’t be personalized. Google has now announced the AI-driven Google Assistant news feed.

Google Assistant news feed feature

For a few years, Google is working for AI-driven Google Assistant. You’ll now listen to audio news on the Google Assistant. And the news topics will be fully customizable as per your area of interest. Google’s new Artificial Intelligence into the Assistant will help you to customize your news feed. Also, the Google Assistant news feed will be in always-available mode.

However, this feature is currently available to a few users in the US, and it’s wider implementation will roll-out later.

Google’s smart speakers have been entered into peoples homes now, and the people are habitual to use this fantastic device. With this usability, the AI-driven news feature will be more a convenient and mature step taken by the company.


Google is partnering with the publishers and increasing the association with them. Some of the current publishers include The Associated Press, South China Morning Post, and The Hollywood Reporter. Likewise, Google is also welcoming other English-language publishers to join the project.

The Google Assistant news feed, as a result, will allow users to customize the sources and the types of news and updates they want to hear. Bringing the Artificial Intelligence in the news context, the Google Assitant will become more powerful to make people update about the relevant news, they actually want.

In other words, you’ll be very much updated with latest activities all around the world, that’s just on your voice command to the Assistant.



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