Google is already working on foldable phone prototypes

Google foldable phone prototype

Samsung was about to launch its first ever foldable phone but pulled back with defects. but the incident couldn’t stop tech giants to get into the foldable phone technology. Recently, in I/O developer conference, Google says it’s also working for foldable phone and prototyping foldable displays for some time, according to CNET.

in an interview, Google’s Pixel development lead, Mario Queiroz told CNET “We’re definitely prototyping the technology. We’ve been doing it for a long time, however, “I don’t think there’s a clear use case yet.” That quite means that you wouldn’t get a foldable ‘Pixel’ soon, or the other mean- never. But Google is looking into foldable technology and its prototype.

Querioz also said, “We’re prototyping foldable displays and many other new hardware technologies, and have no related product announcements to make at this time”.

Google reveals its working towards foldable phone screen prototypes

last November, Google announced native Android support for foldable phone displays. In the same month, Samsung also revealed for official Samsung Galaxy Fold. And Apple playbook has followed the same closely. Tech companies into mobile hardware game in the mobile clearly confirm that they’re looking into new and innovative designs.

Since Asian phone manufacturers like Xiaomi, began revealing official foldable products, there’s been a big hype in the market. Companies are showing clips of their foldable phone technology on social media. Even, ahead of the all, Samsung was just close to the launch of its Galaxy fold in April this year.

Also, at Mobile World Congress in February, companies like LG and Samsung have shown the prototype improvements. And they also disclosed the working of their folding screens working. You can say, In last of 2018, tech giants have started creating Foldable phone trend.

But, Samsung was not successful with its much-hyped foldable phone. The company showed folding test clips and advertising videos gained positive press coverage for arriving first in foldable technology. But after the test launch, the company soon found a fragile screen and faulty hardware. Then Samsung postponed Galaxy Fold release date and it’s still not official.

After the things, maybe, Google can take its time to develop the folding technology prototype and will not do hurry. And also clearly seems that Google won’t push out it’s ‘Pixel’ with the foldable screen until it will high level of confidence.

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