Google tests Global Media Controls play button for Chrome

Global Media Controls

Chrome developers are working to include a Global Media Controls Play/Pause button to the toolbar of Chrome browser. This button’s work will be to make it easier for you to play and pause a video or multimedia content. Currently, the videos are playing in the browser, without the tab, it’s coming from.

Name of this new feature is Global Media Controls (GMC). This is going to be enabled in this week after Chrome’s tests it on Chrome’s Canary browser.

In its current formate, the button shows to the right side of the address bar, And it will show a popup that slides down from the button itself. Using the button you can stop or resume current playing video.

Google tests Global Media Controls play pause button for Chrome toolbar

As per a test by ZDNet, the button works for both audio and video. Also, this will work across multiple Chrome windows at a time. This simply means that you can pause a video that’s playing in a different window altogether. With this, it’s not necessarily the one multimedia playing in the current one.

The Global Media Controls (GCM) Play/Pause button is going to be added to Chrome’s desktop versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, there is no information regarding Chrome OS, but hopefully, it will also work there as well.

Initially, the button is very small and create a little inconvenience when you attempt to pause a video, but expected to work smoothly in its next versions.

The Chrome is working on the new GCM Play/Pause but how you will receive this is still unknown, as this wasn’t a highly-requested feature by Chrome users. However, after implementation, you are most likely going to love it.

In 2018, Google removed the ability to mute a tab by tapping the “speaker” icon that appeared on tabs and played audio or video. However, users could still mute tabs by right-clicking a tab. But just doing a click on the “speaker” icon doesn’t work anymore.

For the last couple of months, users were requesting that Google re-implement this option as a fast way to pause audio from tabs with auto-playing clip.

The new GCM Play/Pause button works even better than the old “speaker” button, as it doesn’t require you to tracking down the offending tab. You can stop the auto-playing sound from any tab you’re navigating with.


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