Google Go, a lightweight search app available globally

Google Go

Internet speed in smartphones is increasing. And we are going to shift from 3G, 4G to 5G. But there is a very big population in the world still has slow internet speed. In this situation, if you want to search for something on Google, it’s very difficult. For that, Google has a very good plan. Even if you have a slow internet connection, now you will be able to search for anything on Google using ‘Google Go’.

  • A lightweight search app
  • Also works in slow internet speed
  • Take low space on your phone


Google Go, a lightweight search app

Google Go is an app that will run even with your slow internet connection and even if you are using a lower-end mobile smartphone. ln 2017 Google has launched this app that’s primary purpose was to provide Google services to the lower end smartphones and at the slow internet connections. Initially, it was been working in Android Go devices only.

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Now the company has launched ‘Go’ app for all the devices worldwide. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai has twitted to inform about this new app. He said that the app is available all over and you can download this from Play Store.

Earlier this year, Google’s Go app has been demonstrated in annual keynote IO19. The App is so powerful that it can translate, search and read for you at very slow internet speed.

The App also has an option lens, which you can use to translate any word in any language. You just need to point out your phone’s camera on the words written in any language, and you will see the translated text on your mobile screen. Similarly, after translation, you can choose to ‘read out loud’, that will read the text for you.

Another good point of this app is, it will occupy very less space in your smartphone. As this has been designed considering your low-end phone, it will take only 7MB space. Also, if the internet connection lost, the App will save your query and show you the result after your phone gets the internet again.

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