Google Photos text recognition feature help you find text appears in images

Google Photos Text recognition

Google Photos is a very smart app on your smartphone. It has now been smarter. Google Photos which is backed-in search feature, allows you to find objects or location from your photo library. The Photos app will now use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that will be able to identify text from your photos. Google Photos text recognition feature is rolling out now.


Google Photos text recognition feature rolling out

Google Photos has now been more powerful tool having this Google Photos image text feature. According to 9to5google, Optical Character Recognition in Google Photos has been rolled out in some Android devices. This new feature will identify the text that appears within your photos or screenshots. You can simply copy the text using the Google Lens feature and paste it in a document.


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The Google Photos new feature has also been confirmed by Google on Twitter. You can identify the text and easily search and get the results.

It doesn’t matter how small the font in the photo, it will identify it. Also, it will work very well on screenshots and on the text that appears in any image. The feature will work for Android and IOS apps. Using Google Lens button you can copy the image text and paste it to search. Google is always keen to bring the latest features for its users. Google Photos text recognition feature is one of them.

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