Google quitting Pixel Slate and future plans for Chrome OS tablets

Google Pixel Slate

Google is officially stopping the plan of making tablets like the Pixel Slate. It Also abandoned the working for two unreleased tablets. As per reports of Business Insider and Computer World, Google has stopped production of two new Pixel Slate like tablets. These tablets were about to launch in 2019. Also, Google now doesn’t have any plan to release a new Chrome OS for tablets. It means there is no chance of a Pixel Slate 2 now.

Google is canceling the future plan for Chrome OS tablets

The reports of abandonment for tablets were also confirmed on Twitter by Google. Rick Osterloh, head of hardware, Google has made this clear. Google’s Pixel Slate has a nice display and superb speakers. Talking about the battery, it is long-lasting.


The cancellation of tablets will not affect the development of Google’s Pixelbook. It looks like Google’s Chrome OS will now be more focused on Chromebooks. According to The Verge, a number of Chrome OS tablets employees are now working on the Pixelbook.

However, it’s not the end of software support for Google’s tablet. for Pixel Slate owners, updates will continue. Thankfully, Google is providing constant software updates until June 2024.

Moreover, the cancellation is carried for Google’s own physical hardware. That means it won’t harm any other manufacturers who are working on a Chrome OS-based tablet.

As Rick Osterloh also said in Tweet that Google still working on improving the Chrome OS for tablets. It continues supporting companies such as, Acer and HP, who have already released such tablets. But after reports of quitting Pixel Slate, most of the manufacturers may pull back their hands making tablets based on the Chrome OS.


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