Google will start text-to-speech technology for emergency calls on Pixels

Text to speech feature in Pixel

Google is now adding a new and automated text-to-speech feature to the phone app for Pixel devices. With this feature, medical, fire or police responders will get information about your location by just one-tap without the need for speech.

This system is very simple. Now on any emergency call, your phone app will now offer three additional buttons. These buttons will be labeled “Medical,” “Fire,” or “Police”. Just tapping this button will activate a text-to-speech feature that will read a message to inform the operator about the caller’s need and current status.


Google will use text-to-speech technology in Pixel for emergency calls

Google said that this new feature is designed keeping in mind the situations in which the user needs emergency services. However, it can not communicate verbally with the emergency call operator in the event of injuries, hazardous conditions or speech disability.

In 2017, Google added a feature to Pixel devices’ default phone app. The automatic text-to-speech feature is an extension of this feature, which will auto-display a location on the dialing screen when an emergency number such as 911 is called. This makes it easier for the respondents to know that information directly.

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This new automatic text-to-speech technology makes the interface even easier by telling the person’s need in that situation. Hence, information can be obtained without any time lost.

Automatic text-to-speech technology is rolling out to Pixel phones in the US in the coming months. Also, it has been offered to add selected Android devices. However, there is currently no information about applying this feature to other countries.

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