Google is testing a complete offline storage feature for Google Drive

Google offline storage

If you needed to save a file on Google Drive but didn’t have internet, then you were unable to do it. Earlier, when you had slow or no internet, you couldn’t access your file from Google Drive. Google is now on the way to finding a solution to your problem. Because Google is experimenting with offline storage mode for Google Drive. This mode will let you store and access all kinds of files even when you are offline.

You could access Google Drive files offline with its ‘Backup & Sync’ desktop client. But that application is quite tedious. What if you find an easy web app to get similar functionality? Google added a new function to mark Docs files for offline access earlier this year. With this ability, you can even edit files. But now you can even save any of your Google Drive files.

Google is testing a full offline storage feature for all the files in Google Drive

Google G Suit Updates says that you can already make Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files available offline. Now, as part of a new beta, you can mark also PDF, image, Microsoft Office, and other non-Google files, all can be done offline using Google Drive on Chrome.

For now, the new feature is built for Google Chrome. That means it won’t work for another browser. For this, you must activate offline mode in your Drive or Docs settings. After that, you need to login to your account. Currently, the functionality of this feature is limited to G Suite organizations who have opted into the beta for File Streaming and offline access.

Who will get its benefit?

For Admins and end users, this feature will help to get full offline access and storage for Google Drive. Using this, you can access all your non-Google files when offline. In a situation when you are traveling and have poor internet connectivity or no connectivity.

Google further says that this current version of the feature doesn’t work with Chrome OS. but the company is working to get this for other platforms in the future. It didn’t confirm yet that when the feature is coming for other browsers. we need to hold the breath and wait till the next update about it.


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