Google Titan Security Key to Safeguard Your Accounts

google titan security key

Google Titan Security Key: Online security is always an essential thing to be considered. Most of us who think about the online security is possibly using a secure two-factor authentication for our important accounts. With this intention, Google helped to create the phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) devices.

Safeguard your account with Google Titan Security Key

The Google Titan Security Key works with its products such as Google accounts, Gmail and the G Suite. Additionally, you can get benefit from its security boost up abilities while using other websites or apps. The Google Titan Security Key will help to protect accounts of high-value users such as IT admins.

The implementation of various security key is likely common in corporate. Accordingly, using two-factor authentication (2FA) in addition of strong password or PIN can significantly decrease the chances to hack your account. Especially for high-value accounts, Google Titan Security Key is a most secure solution.

The Google Titan Security Key, in fact, is actually a set of two keys. First one is a USB-A security key with NFC. And another is a Micro-USB, equipped with Bluetooth and NFC. They are built-in with hardware chip and firmware that are engineered by Google to verify the integrity of the keys. It is implementing FIDO standards for 2FA using titan security keys

What is FIDO?

The FIDO stands for Fast ID Online. It’s a protocol of security specifications for strong authentication. Most of the well-known companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and many more are the alliance with FIDO.

The keys built with tamper-resistant hardware that also resists physical attacks. With FIDO support of the keys, you can use them to authenticate many other services that support FIDO standards.

Additionally, these are compatible with the Google’s strongest security offering, Advanced Protection Program, that helps you to safeguard your Google accounts from hackers attacks.

The Titan Security Key is available to buy worth $50 at Google store.

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