How to enable Chrome Dark Mode on different OS

Chrome Dark Mode

Dark Mode is being popular these days. Google is also experimenting with the dark mode for Chrome, YouTube, and other Google applications. The Chrome Dark Mode is also looking friendly for the users. However, Google is also experimenting Chrome dark mode, but still, there is no simple button for one Tap push to enable it. So, there is a different way to enable Dark Mode for each operating system.


Enabling Chrome Dark Mode

Before going forward to learn, how to enable Chrome Dark Mode, first we’ll see why you should use it?

In mobile phones, the biggest reason to use Dark Mode might be saving the battery power. Your phone has a display screen that uses most of the power of your phone’s battery, while you see anything on the screen.

Using a darker interface, you can save battery power because the display LEDs will have not to glow that much. In other words, choosing dark mode simply means you are getting less blue light. Dark Mode looks quite cool, Also, switching it makes a refreshing change for you.


Enable Dark Mode for Chrome on Window 10

  1. Just go to the ‘settings’ menu, select ‘personalization’, then click ‘colors’, and scroll down to switch ‘Choose your default app mode’.
  2. Now change this to ‘Dark’ and also, all apps with native dark mode, including Chrome. Once you do this, the color of the screen will change. Here, you don’t need to restart your browser.


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Enable Dark Mode for Chrome on Mac OS

  1. Just open ‘System preferences’, then click on ‘General’, and select ‘Appearances’.
  2. Now select the ‘Dark’ option. Like Windows 10, Chrome and all the native dark apps will change their colors automatically without any further input from you.


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Enable Dark Mode for Chrome on Android

  1. However, the Dark Mode for Android is still being experimented, so, you need to keep in mind that some the elements might seem a bit strange. To enable it, simply enter chrome://flags in the browser’s address bar of your phone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Search flags’ box and enter the word ‘Dark’. Here, you will get two options – First, ‘Android web contents dark mode’ and the second, ‘Android Chrome UI Dark Mode’.

If you are activating first one, the Chrome will detect if a website developer has created a dark version, and it will select and enable automatically. And if there is no dark version of the website, then the browser will invert the site’s colors.

If we activate the second option, the browser’s interface itself will turn into dark mode.

  1. Now tap the drop-down menu under all these options and change settings ‘Activated’. And then, restart the Chrome browser.
  2. Now go to the settings menu and tap ‘Themes’ and select ‘Dark’. Sometimes you can’t see the Theme options. In this case, restart Chrome again, It will appear automatically.


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Enable Dark Mode on iOS

Google is still working on it and didn’t release a dark mode for iOS. But it’s possibly available in next bug update. However, you can use the ‘Invert’ option to get the almost similar effect as Dark Mode

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘General’, ‘Accessibility’, and then ‘Display Accommodations’.
  2. Toggle to the ‘Classic Invert’ to invert the colors of everything in your iOS browser. Or, Toggle ‘Smart Invert’ to invert everything except images.


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