How to do Hard Drive Partition in Few Simple Steps?

Partitioning hard drive

Hard Drive Partition is the best move to organize your data, files, and folders into virtual sub drives under your computer hard drive. Partitioning a hard drive in Windows means to separate a part of it virtually, and make available the part for the operating system.


How to do Hard Drive Partition

Hard Drive Partitions are required for storage, but it also makes a better environment to secure your data in your computer. The partitioned hard drive is able to provide you multi-drive functionality and enough space on each drive, and even you don’t need to have another physical hard drive for the same PC.


What is Hard Drive Partitioning?

Hard disk Partitioning is a way to separate your PC hard drive into multiple virtual sections. You can simply imagine this as a slice of your hard drive. Though all separated parts are of a single drive, the operating system will treat it as an independent drive.

There are many benefits of partition the hard drive. Each of the parts of the drive becomes a logical disk that represents a part of your physical disk. And you can store your data separately in different partitions. You can’t write data to a blank drive. The OS needs a volume with a file system to write and store data. The partition is the volume and formatting creates the file system.

If you purchase a new PC or just bought a new drive, you need to first do partition of your hard drive. And that’s the only the way to use your hard disk in PC. You can’t store data or file to a blank hard drive. Your PC’s OS requires a volume of space to write and store data. The process of partitioning to the hard drive will remain the same for both, a new PC or a new Hard drive, however, the process may vary depending on the OS.


Why is Hard Drive Partitioning needed?

Partitioning is needed to organize your data so that you can easily find your files, projects, and programs into your PC. Similarly, separate parts let you back up your data easily. However, you should still use online backup because your overall hard drive can be failed. And in that situation, partitioned drive even would not be able to save your data.

Having multiple hard drives for a PC is quite inconvenient. Instead, through multiple partitions, you can easily use your PC’s drive. moreover, partitioning also allows you to work on multiple operating systems on just one hard drive. Multiple partitions are must for if you want to use many operating systems. And, partitioning the hard drive also improves the performance of your OS.

Thankfully, knowing how to partition your hard drive in Windows 10 and another version is quite quick and easy. You just follow the steps and get to know the process to partition the hard disk into as many virtual drives as you want.

We will here guide you the basic partitioning. But keep in mind that whenever you format or partition, it’s safe to back up all your data. Follow the below simple steps-

Simple Steps for Hard Drive Partition

Step 1: In the Windows search box, type ‘Disk Management’ and then select ‘Create and format hard disk partitions‘.

Partitioning hard drive


Step 2: Right-click on the portion of hard drive for partition and select shrink volume from the resulting drop-down menu.

Partition hard drive


Step 3: Your PC will now calculate the free space that you can allocate to the new partition. Once completed, in a new small window it will ask you how much space out of it you want to use. Enter the size that you wish to shrink your drive to in megabytes (1000 MB = 1GB) and click on the Shrink button.

Partition hard drive


Step 4: Right-click on the ‘Unallocated space’ and select New Simple Volume from the menu.

Partition hard drive


Step 5: You will here see a New Simple Volume Wizard window. Click on Next  

Partition hard drive


Step 6: Just follow the screen instructions and select the size of the volume. By default, it will use all unallocated space. And then allocate a letter to the new drive.

Allocate Name


Step 7: You can leave the options at default. Now tick quick format and click on the Next.

Partition hard drive


Step 8: Lastly, Partitioning is about to complete, Again Click on Finish.

Window of Simple Volume


Step 9: Finally, your hard drive will now have a new partition. You can see it.

hard disk screenshot



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