How to setup Amazon Echo

how to setup Amazon Echo

Have you bought your new Amazon Echo device? if Yes. Welcome! You have taken the first step towards building your home as a smart home. Here, you will know easy steps to setup Amazon Echo device.

Setup Amazon Echo Device

The wonderful Echo device, is supported by Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon Echo can help you in making things easier, such as, you can play music from your voice command, listen audiobooks, get weather reported and many more. Apart from this, the device will also keep you updated with daily news.

Its built-in microphone is so strong and accurate that even if you are in any place in the room, it recognizes your voice and answers your question. And this microphone is so precocious that even in the noisy room it senses your voice.

Let’s move step-by-step and know, how to setup Amazon Echo?

1. Download the Alexa App

In the initial step to setup Amazon Echo, Download the Amazon Alexa app in your smartphone or tablet. For this, tap your device’s App Store and search for ‘Alexa App’. You can download the app on your computer as well. For this, connect your computer to Wi-Fi, then go to Amazon Alexa website to download it. It’s good that Amazon Alexa supports both Android and iOS. So, you can use Echo, while having Android or iphone.

2. Connect the Echo to the power supply

After unboxing your new Amazon Echo, plug it directly on the power supply, as the Echo doesn’t require any battery to work. When the light becomes blue on the upper LED circle, it means Echo has connected to the power.

3. Wait for the initialization

Now, you have to wait a bit to get the circle turning orange. Getting orange lights mean that Alexa is now ready for you. After its completion, you will hear a voice in which Alexa tells that you can setup Amazon Echo, as its ready to initiate.


4. Connect Echo to your WiFI Home network using app

In the next step of setup Amazon Echo, go to WiFi settings in your smartphone. There in the list, you will see the ‘Echo’ or its alike names. If you’ve more than one Echo, choose the one, which you want to setup and connect it directly, as there’s no password needed.

Keep in mind, You’ll be able to use this device when you have an account in Amazon.  Also, If you’ve more than one echo device, then you need to setup each one separately.


5. Call “Alexa” to wake to the Echo

Now, call “Alexa” to wake to the Echo. And whenever you say it, Echo will wake up. ‘Alexa’ is a default word and you can change it too, because Amazon allows you for it.


6. Change It’s name if you want

In the current update, you can name it “Echo”, “Amazon” or “Computer”. Other names are not available in the Alexa app. To change its waking word, go to settings in the Alexa app and choose the word waking.


7. Run a simple test

Great, you’ve setup Amazon Echo, and now you can use it in your daily life to make your work easy.

Run a simple test by saying few basic voice commands as, first to awake it up say “Alexa”, and after that “Hello.” Alexa too will reply you as a simple “Hello”. That means, at this time your Echo is properly set-up.

Also In the Alexa app menu, you will find other options, called ‘Skills & Games’ and ‘Things to Try’. Explore these option to find, what great is in Alexa, and whatall Alexa can do? Using ‘Skills’, you can customize Alexa by giving certain abilities.

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