Instagram Music Rolled-out In India: Here, how to use it.

Instagram Music

There is good news for Instagram users. Facebook-owned Instagram has been rolled out a new feature called Instagram Music. The feature has been now launched for Indian users. Instagram Music was earlier launched for the US market in June 2018, and now Instagram has moved towards India to roll it out.

  • A plethora of popular songs from artists in or outside India.
  • Easy to add music in Instagram stories.

Latest, ‘Instagram Music’ is available for Instagram stories not for Instagram posts. If you want to use the feature, you need to update your Instagram app. Because the feature will work with the Instagram latest version (v110. For more details of the feature, you can go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to check the app description. 

The feature allows users to add songs in your Instagram stories from Instagram’s song library. After adding the song, it will be played in the background of your Instagram stories.


How to use Instagram Music in Instagram stories

  1. You can easily find the Instagram Music In the label ‘Music’ under the Stickers section on the app.
  2. Under the label, there are three different sections named ‘Popular’,  ‘Moods’ and ‘Genres’. All these sections have a plethora of popular songs from various artists of India and the world.
  3. In the ‘Moods’ section, there are ten different moods suggested such as fun, dreamy, bold, romantic, etc. In the same way, the ‘Genres’ section will allow you to add different musical genres such as rock, pop, latin, hindi, hip-hop, etc.
  4. After the selection of the song of your choice, there’s an option to resize the lyrics. You can also change the fonts of lyrics.

Facebook also has the same feature for Facebook stories where you’ll also find different music to add. It’s one of the most awaited features for Instagram lovers. Now with music, your stories are going to be more exciting!


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