iPhone models will have 5G in 2020, report says


We can expect that Apple iPhones will also have 5G in 2020 and that has also been significantly endorsed by Apple expert. This is as similar to all major tech giant is ready to adopt 5G technology. We know, 5G has already started in a few of the phones, one of them is Galaxy S10 5G.

All iPhone Models Will have 5G in 2020

In a recent investor note via MacRumors, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that he is now expecting that all iPhones in 2020 will be 5G ready. He previously wrote that two out of the three iPhone versions would be compatible for 5G, but now he has switched his thought.

The big reason why he changed his mind, is that most Android supporters will move to be 5G ready, no matter their handset’s costing. In other words, even the cheaper handsets are also likely to move for 5G.

Apple also has acquired Intel’s smartphone modem arm that has the required resources for 5G development. Also, for augmented reality applications, which are future of smartphones, 5G is much useful. This is clearly known by Apple, and it is interested in under-development T288 mixed reality system.

Along with 5G technology, the 2020 iPhones could also come in new sizes. In his earlier report, Kuo said that Apple will release 5.4-inch, 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch high-end iPhones with OLED displays.

This acquisition doesn’t mean that iPhones in 2020 will use Apple-made modems. The company would use components that will be -supplied by Qualcomm. however, there are different rumors in the first generation of 5G iPhones next year.

Rather believing any rumor you hear from here and there, Ming-Chi Kuo is a reliable source you can consider. Also, he has strong links with Apple’s Asian business partners to get inside information. Kuo has been right many times before, so this time too, we can hope he is right.

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