Machine Learning introduction and basics

machine learning

Does the art of learning in human beings happen only from infancy, or does he gradually learn by growing up? You may know the answer to this question, but you would be surprised to know that machines also have the ability to learn in themselves, which is what we call Machine Learning.


What is Machine Learning?

So, how does a machine learns? Putting the skill to learn in a machine or computer is the Machine Learning. It’s a part of Artificial Intelligence, in which statistical techniques are used to give the machine or computer system the ability to understand and identify data.

By providing different data about an object, such as, through the photos of the object or digital information the machines are explained. So that the machine can also see and understand the object, and can tell what it is? It’s just like we explain to children by showing things. This art of learning about objects to machines comes in Machine Learning.

It’s possible through programming or coding because machines are able to understand both of these languages. In computer language, we call them algorithms.

machine learning introduction

How does a machine identify an object?

In the childhood of humans, he doesn’t understand all the things that appear in front of him. As he grows up, people make him identify the name of things and virtues. In the same way, with the help of AI and technology, machines become efficient enough to identify different types of things. With Machine Learning skills, Machines are also starting knowing things as humans do.


AI vs Machine Learning

There is no big difference in artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. If seen, the difference between a thin streak in both of them. If a machine works by itself, then it comes in Artificial Intelligence. But for the machine to decide, the information that is already given about that work is called Machine Learning. The learning is similar in both the techniques, which is intelligence.

How does ‘Machine Learning’ work?

First of all, we understand the learning process of machines with an example. On which basis you will easily understand how it works. When we show a fruit basket to the machine, then machine or computer can’t identify it because computer already has no information about the fruit basket.

If the computer is already shown different kind of fruit baskets and their different dimensions, then by looking at the photo of a new fruit basket, it will easily understand what the thing in front of it. To teach this, the images already to be stored in memory. Comparing the dimensions of things to each other, we call it clustering.


What is the future of Machine Learning?

Machine Learning has got popularity in the technology world because the use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing rapidly. It’s one of the most competitive parts of emerging technology, for which many companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are working.

The use of Machine Learning is also increasing in new business operations and is becoming more viable than before. Continuous research in Machine Learning, deep learning, and AI, making their applications more flexible, is opening doors for new possibilities in the future.

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