Mobile Tech and Smartphone Trend in 2020

Mobile tech trends 2019

The mobile tech trend in 2020 is much more excited than the previous year. However, in 2018 many new concepts and things related to the latest mobile tech came to light. We started talking about 5G and eSIM technology. Similarly, some phones come with a wave of multiple or triple cameras in the rear, face unlock and top-notch screen in the smartphone.

Thanks to 2019, which gave gifts of all these concepts to get the latest mobile tech in the coming years. And now the latest revival looks realistic with the smartphone trends in 2019.

Upcoming Mobile Tech Trend in 2020

Here, we are going to show you the mobile tech trend in 2019.

5G Compatibility

5G mobile tech trend

Is not it too early? Yes, it is true that the wave of 5G has spread in the smartphone market. Also, network companies have started thinking about 5G roll-out. Although it will take more time, it can be by 2020, but the focus of the phone makers are on this. And the upcoming phones can be launched this year with 5G-compatibility. One of the leading phone giant Samsung has announced its 5G phone model – Galaxy S10 5G.

Not all, but some of us can enjoy 5G Speed smartphones. The reason behind this limitation is the execution of 5G. It seems that in 2020, 5G can only be rolled out in some states of the world.


esim mobile tech trend

With the launch of Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr, eSIM came into limelight. Many network providers started eSIM services around the world. This is also a piece of good news for smartphone companies because, with this technology, they can come with better features in their phones.

As eSIM has some advantages, smartphone makers are also considering this for their upcoming range. Inside the smartphone, the eSIM is just a tiny inbuilt chip, that can save inside-space, and can help manufacturers in making a slimmer phone. Customers can also get benefits of eSIM technology.

Foldable Screen

Foldable Phone Image

From the last quarter of 2018, you will be hearing some rumors about folding mobile technology. Many of the big phone makers are in the race to make phones with foldable or dual screens. In fact, most of them have demonstrated their foldable smartphones in various phone expos.

According to the rumors, many companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Motorola can launch their foldable-phones soon. And it can start a new mobile tech trend in 2020. With foldable technology, the phone has the maximum screen size and minimum phone size.

However, it is difficult to say how successful the initial foldable-phones will be. Because in some of the demos, the phones look glitchy, having dents on the screen and much expensive. But the technology is evolving as such, the Gooogle is lining up the foldable screen prototype.

Multiple cameras 

triple camera rear smartphone

With the number of cameras and lenses, zoom and megapixel are also increasing. Likewise, more lenses provide benefits like improved image quality in low light and high zoom capacity. Smartphone giant Xiaomi has announced its plans to launch a phone in 2019 with a 48-megapixel camera. In the same way, many others are also planning to do this with the camera. Similarly, one of the rumor based renders of Nokia 9 PureView shows five cameras in the rear.

With growing mobile tech, megapixels and other features are improving incredibly. Last year, some phone companies have launched their phones with Triple cameras. Smartphones like Huawei Mete 20, LG V40 ThinQ™ and Samsung Galaxy A7 already have triple cameras at the rear. Plus, the number of cameras in the upcoming smartphone models are also increasing.

Punch hole, Top-notch, and No-notch

patch hole mobile tech trend

The bezels of the phone are shrinking. We have seen these clues after the launch of a few top-notch smartphones last year. It still has the potential to shrink but depends on manufacturers’ choice to position the front camera. For the primary camera hole, you can call it “hole-punch display” or “embedded display hole”, the latest mobile tech can get the next level design in the smartphone trend.

A leak of Samsung Galaxy A8s has shown a punch hole for the front camera. You also might have seen some upcoming bezel-less phone photos of Samsung, Huawei, and Honor with Front Camera Punch Hole. Although many other images are wandering the exact design can’t be predicted until the launch. But here, punched or embedded camera-hole smartphone trend is expected to be in 2020.

Also, the phones started announcing with no-notch. The latest Asus ZenFone 6 has no notch, and the screen is covered full front. Then there is the front camera? Don’t worry, the phone has Flip-camera which uses for both, rear and front. Also, the latest OnePlus 7 pro has no-notch but pop-up selfie camera. Other manufacturers are also launching their phones with the full screen with no-notch.


The outline

Mobile tech is growing incredibly, and you have seen all upcoming smartphone trends in 2020. Some of them are very close to the launch, and others can take some time to go live.

Today’s technology trends such as top-notch Display, Fast Charging, Finger Print, and Face Unlock were very recent. Also, better use of Artificial Intelligence today is surprisingly beneficial for users.

Thanks to fast adopting mobile tech, due to this, things come true and go live in the market before the expectation.

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