Most Subscribed YouTube Channels (Top 10)

YouTube has become the most growing platform for video-sharing. Notably, It has widespread all over the world. In the same way, YouTubers are also getting user views and subscriptions by creating their channels. Namely, few of them are the most subscribed youtube channels. In fact, having millions of subscribers, they are popular enough around the world. Here, we’ll show you a list of most subscribed youtube channels, And you’ll get to know who are the most subscribed YouTubers on this video platform.


10 Most subscribed YouTube channels so far

With more than a billion users, YouTube has become one-third of total internet user in the world. And YouTube Videos are being watched in 91 countries and 80 different languages so far. As YouTube is growing, The youtube is also getting millions of subscribers to their channels.

Here is the list of most subscribed YouTube channels are based on Social Blade reports as of December 2018.


PewDiePie80.1 million
T-Series79.4 million
5-Minute Crafts 46.2 million
Canal KondZilla45.1 million
Justin Bieber42.7 million
SET India39.1 million
WWE38.3 million
Dude Perfect37.9 million
Ed Sheeran36.3 million
EminemMusic35.2 million

1. PewDiePie

Most Subscribed YouTube Channel-pewdiepie

PewDiePie is the top on most in the list of Most subscribed YouTube channels. Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has created this channel in 2010. And with more than 80 million subscribers he is the most subscribed YouTuber so far.

The Kjellberg got his name in Time’s Most Influential People in 2016. The channel PewDiePie is famous for its video game review and vlogs.

2. T-Series

Most Subscribed YouTube Channel t series

T-Series of an Indian music company, Supercassets Industries Pvt Ltd, is the second most subscribed YouTube channel so far. It’s is a Bollywood music channel that has uploaded nearly 13000 Bollywood soundtracks. And with these many uploads, T-Series has become the most viewed YouTube channel worldwide. The Channel is on YouTube since 2006.

3. 5-Minute Crafts

Most Subscribed YouTube Channel 5 min craft

5-Minute Crafts is just two years old on the platform, has become the third most subscribed YouTube channel. It’s a simple D-I-Y channel that shows creative and tricky stuff using quick crafts. Interestingly, you can see D-I-Y here for almost everything in the most creative way.

4. Canal KondZilla

Most Subscribed YouTube Channel-Canal KondZilla

Canal KondZilla, a Brazilian music video director and producer, launched his YouTube channel in 2012. He claims to be the biggest producer of electronic music in Brazil, who has directed more than 700 music videos so far.

The channel Canal KondZilla got the pace in 2018 and grabbed nearly 8 million new subscribers. And with that, he became the fourth most subscribed YouTuber on the platform.

5. Justin Bieber

Most Subscribed Youtube Channels Justin

Who doesn’t know Justin Bieber? Bieber got the chance to spread his music first time on YouTube. Now his followers never forget to watch any of his videos on YouTube.

Justin Bieber has the 5th most subscribed Youtube channel. He mainly shows his official music, live performances, and interviews. And there are many more to watch on the channel. Even after a less number of video uploads, Bieber is one of the most watched channels on youtube.


6. SET India

Most Subscribed Youtube Channels set india

Sony Entertainment Television (SET) India is a complete Hindi TV channel, also owning the SET India Youtube Channel. The channel offers all sorts of family entertainment, movies, shows, reality competitions, news and much more.

SET India has been on YouTube since 2006 and in the year 2018, it has come upon 6th position among most subscribed YouTube channels on the video-sharing platform.


7. WWE

Most Subscribed Youtube Channels WWE

With WWE, get the best of World Wrestling Entertainment is on YouTube. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is now rank 7th in most-subscribed YouTube channels. The channel started in 2005 and from then it’s constantly showing highlights of Monday Night Raw and Live along with backstage highlights.


8. Dude Perfect

Most Subscribed Youtube Channels Dude Perfect

Watch the channel DUDE PERFECT for unbelievable and extreme stunts. Truly, in their video, the ‘Dudes’ look ‘Perfect’, showing tricky shots and sports videos pouring fun into them. The members of the show also holding few Guinness World Records in their stuff.

The channel of five friends regularly posts a new video every Monday. DUDE PERFECT started in 2009 and has uploaded 195 videos.

9.Ed Sheeran

The English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran present on the video-streaming platform has the eighth most subscribed YouTube channel. His heart touching songs gained international popularity and of course, the subscribers on youtube.

The channel features Ed Sheeran’s official music, remixes, and his behind-the-scenes activities.



Most Subscribed Youtube Channel-EminemMusic

The English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran gained international popularity with his die-hard songs. He has the tenth most subscribed YouTube channel that features his official music, remixes, and behind-the-scenes activities.



T-Series has now become most subscribe YouTube channel with almost 99 million subscribers.  




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