Netflix to launch cheaper plan for mobile in India soon

Netflix Mobile Plan

Netflix has officially confirmed that it has been launching a new plan for mobile customers after being tested before. This plan is only compatible with mobile. Also, this plan will be beneficial for those who want to watch Netflix only on a mobile. In this plan, users will be able to stream NetFlix videos on mobile, and at the same time, the plan may be priced lower than the company’s existing subscriptions amount.

Netflix confirms launching a cheaper plan for mobile users in India

Netflix said in a letter of Investor release that he is coming up with a mobile-only plan, which will help in achieving a large number of subscribers in India in an effective manner. And this can lead to the expansion of the business. Netflix pointed out this plan when the last financial result came down slightly, which looks a big mistake in getting new customers, due to which the finance results were less than expected.

In the US, there has been a slight reduction in the number of subscribers in the last quarter. To some extent, it was increased responsible that the prices could be up. Keeping this in view, Netflix has announced the launch of cheap plans for mobile streaming. Netflix said about his new plan and also said that he will continue to learn.

Netflix’s basic plan is limited to standard quality i.e. 480p only. It can be assumed that the incoming mobile-only plan will also be of standard quality. However, it is difficult to say whether this plan is for mobile only or it will include tablets and iPads.

If not seen, this plan is not designed by keeping the US in mind, but if this plan comes, then anybody can switch to a mobile plan to save some money. Yes, if you want to watch Netflix live streaming with high-definition quality then the TV plan will be good.


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