How To Get Benefit of New Gmail Features

New Gmail Features

New Gmail Features: Google started implementing its new version of Gmail in this year 2018. The new Gmail features highlight new security measures and smoother integration with upgraded tools.

If you haven’t turned on the new Gmail interface yet, just click the settings icon and select Try the new Gmail. We’ll show you the new Gmail features; you can use to take benefit of it.

New Gmail Features making it more convenient

Try the new Gmail

Organize your emails

Once you decide to switch to your new Gmail inbox and clicking Settings, you’ll see default, comfortable, and compact mode. These modes affect how your emails appear on a page. With new Gmail features, as you put courser to emails, you will get hover over options as Archive, Delete, Mark as unread or read and Snooze in your inbox.

With the options, you can quickly take an action without even opening an email. For example, using Snooze you can postpone your emails for a future convenient date or time. Formerly, in the old Gmail inbox, you had to go with right-click on an email to get these options.

New Gmail Features on hover

New Gmail features added to the sidebar

All the new Gmail features added to the right sidebar lets you access other productive tools from Google. In the sidebar, you will get default icons for Calendar, Keep, Tasks and add-ons.

You can view your daily schedule and events on the calendar, Also edit or create new events. As can be seen, create checklists and take notes using Keep. Likewise, Tasks option lets you add your to-do’s and deadlines. Next, get extra Gmail tools to help manage your mail using new add-ons.

New Gmail Features add-ons

Use new Gmail with more efficiency

Google’s new Artificial intelligence integrated Smart Reply is now available. After turning on Gmail Smart Reply, it lets you get short text suggestions for your replay. Doing a single click, you can send a quick short reply as per the email context.

Gmail included more AI with new Gmail features. Hence, you can also access some emails functions offline. Under, Offline In Settings tab, select the option ‘Enable Offline Mail’. So that, you can compose, search, delete, and organize emails even when you are offline.

Send emails & attachments securely

Here with new Gmail features, you can protect your confidential information and account from phishing attacks. In particular, you will get notified with the anti-phishing alert. For instance, a notification will itself show, and suggest you delete a suspicious email.

Moreover, you can also choose the confidential mode to send emails. With the confidential mode, you can set an expiration date and a password. In other words, the confidential mode will prevent forwarding, downloading, copying, and pasting the texts of your email.

Jump to the classic Gmail back

If you are not convenient with this new inbox and the new Gmail features and, want to go back to the older version, click the Setting icon. At the same time selecting ‘Go back to classic Gmail’ you will be back to the old version.

Try this new Gmail Inbox and check yourself, and know how convenient and useful truly it is.

Information source: Gmail Help


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