New Telegram features that WhatsApp should also opt

New Telegram features

Telegram is upgrading fast. The messaging app which is using by millions of users in the world is carrying out new Telegram features for users.

Telegram is the strongest competitor of WhatsApp. Subsequently, it is planning to grab the user base of its rival, WhatsApp. There are many updates about the new Telegram features in recent days. That simply means that Telegram is constantly upgrading itself and trying to stand along with WhatsApp.

We all know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a user-friendly app, that provides pleasant messaging experience to Android and IOS users. Because of its user-friendliness, it is able to attract millions of people worldwide.


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New Telegram features

Now Telegram is also in the competition and grabbing millions of WhatsApp user by updating the new Telegram features. In the Telegram app, let’s see what has been updated in the latest Telegram features-

1. Group Permission

Telegram has given more authority to group admins. Admin can restrict group members to post a type of messaging. On the same way, admin can decide which type of message to be forwarded by other users in the group.


2. Muted Message

Another helpful and important Telegram feature brought by the app is Muted Message. A user can send a muted or silent message when the receiver is busy or asleep. If a user doesn’t want to disturb the recipient then he can opt for the muted message.


3. Slow Mode

Group admin can set a time limit of the messages. The feature will prevent so many messages at a time from the users. This will help to controls spams and unnecessary confusion by many messages at a time. using this Telegram feature, users of a group can send a new message after the time limit that has been set by admin.


4. Max limit of the file size

As per the new update of Telegram features, the bigger file size can be sent to send to the users. In WhatsApp it is 10MB, but Telegram has allowed sending files up to 1.5 GB.

Also, as per last updates, Telegram has also added more features such as – customize title for admin, colors for night theme, and ability to add animated emojis.


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