New WIFI standard will be known as WiFi 6

WIFI 6 new WIFI standard

WiFi Alliance is going to adopt a latest terminology to refer to the new WIFI standard. With this, we’ll know new generation WIFI networking as WIFI 6.


New WIFI standard – WIFI 6 

WiFi 6 is a new name for the new WIFI standard 802.11ax which is coming soon. In other words, 802.11ax is WIFI 6. The new WIFI 6 is hoping to improve the range and speed of the Internet. And that can allow many devices to bring compatibility. WiFi 6 will be helpful in increasing support for high-resolution video and other similar things and will also support ‘Internet of Things‘ too widely.


Terminology to refer the new WIFI standard

If you have ever seen the specifications of your WIFI router, then you may have seen codes like 802.11ac or 802.11n. Which shows a current wireless version or its standard.

By this time the WIFI version is recognizing by a pair of numbers and letters. The current running version is 802.11ac, and 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11b were all before.

By implementing the terminology as WIFI 6, now the new WIFI standard will be known with its numbers. So that, it can be easy to find, that the router or device that you’re going to purchase is of the latest version or not.

With new term as WIFI 6, the older – 802.11n and 802.11ac will too be known as – WIFI 4 and WIFI 5, respectively.

The WIFI Alliance is expecting it’s implementation widely, because it will help for better understanding for the manufacturers, operators and users. And with, they can easily understand the compatibility of devices with new WIFI standard. After all, it’s comparatively easy to understand than current and previous terminologies with combining difficult codes.

As per the report, the certification programme for this new WIFI standard that’s WIFI 6, may come in 2019.

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