Feeling Stressed? Pinterest helps you to be relaxed

Pinterest new experience

With the increasing use of the internet and social media, Pinterest still has a place that makes you feel better. This platform is a huge combination of pictures with different categories and interests. You can find anything here. All images have been arranged in the most pleasing and eye-friendly grid. People come here to discover the beautiful pin. But Pinterest also noticed that people are searching for those pins related to “anxiety” and “stress” and these searches are increasing. Pinterest product team, after paying attention to it, thought that they could do something. And for this, Pinterest has introduced a new experience that is designed for emotional wellbeing.

Pinterest wants to help you to reduce stress and make you relax

Under Pinterest new experience when you search for anxiety-related words like “anxiety,” or “stress reduction”, it will now display a small box just above the pins grid. This box will display a message that – If you are feeling depressed or stressed, here are some resources that can help improve your mood. After that, you can click on the box and see the pin. However, this is not professional care, but somewhere it can lighten your mood.

Pinterest has made this experience with the help of ‘Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation’. It has also consulted Vibrant Emotional Health and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for this. The new experience is an interactive way to help people improve their mood. However, the experience is not to change professional care, but it is a tool that can help someone to relax.

However, if someone is searching for any self-harming pin, Pinterest will direct them to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. And which will be tapped only twice and will be redirected.

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Pinterest showed these resources different from the rest of the media experience. Apart from this, these activities are private, meaning that Pinterest will not show any recommendation or advertisement based on these searches. Apart from this, Pinterest does not track the user because all activity is kept anonymous by using a third-party service.


Why Pinterest is developing this new experience?

On Pinterest, people discover new ideas and things. They inspire and focus themselves, their interests, their futures too. But sometimes things on the Internet are not according to the ups and downs of your life. According to the ‘Centers for Disease Control’, 50% of people in the US have occasionally detected mental illness or disorder in their lifetime. In the past year, there has been a large number of searches related to emotional health on Pinterest.

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For this, Pinterest wanted to create a more kind and active experience which helps to create a better emotional environment for Piners. As a result of the idea for emotional wellbeing, Pinterest is going to make this new experience.

Annie Ta, Pinner Product Manager in Pinterest, wrote in the article on the Newsroom that this experience is one of those new things, that they are trying to make Pinterest an inspirational and welcoming place for the people. The forum will continue to work with more health experts to improve the experience for more people around the world.

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