Project Soli: Google’s radar-based hand motion sensor got FCC approval

Project Soli, Radar-based hand motion sensor

Google always brings advanced technologies and Products to the market. And Its awesome, yet futuristic tech stuff helps us to make human life easy. By the same token, Google is working on a radar-based hand motion sensor. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team have been working on this project, and this is Project Soli. It seems quite outstanding and interesting that you can say, Project Soli is a new way of interacting with gadgets.

Project Soli, The radar-based hand motion sensor has got FCC approval

And now the Project Soli i.e the radar-based hand motion sensor has got the approval to deploy It. The Federal Communications Commission(FCC) has granted approval for the radar-based hand motion sensor to use at higher power levels than it was earlier allowed.

We all are using any sort of modern smartphone and wearable. And we’re also familiar with their touch interface. This is the most common method to use the devices which were in frequent use in this decade. Having this touch interface, we are quite ok to use the devices easily.

But what if without even touching your gadget’s screen, you could operate it? Yes, this soon becomes possible through Google’s project Soli.

So let’s take a look on project Soli and know, what it is?

What is Project Soli?

Project Soli is for touchless interactions with your devices. It has new sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions, that’ll help you operate your smart devices without touching them.

Soli is a radar interaction sensor that tracks for the motion of the human hand. The sensor is capable enough to track the hand and fingers motion at high speed and accuracy. Google is intending to put universal gestures to make the device interaction simple.

The gestures also are as similar as we often use in our day to day life. Using these gestures under Project Soli, Google’s just putting more power to your fingers and their movements, to use gadgets.

Project Soli, Radar-based hand motion

How does Soli work?

The Project Soli is based on sensor technology that emits electromagnetic waves on a beam. Correspondingly, objects inside the beam partially reflect the waves towards the radar antenna. These reflected waves identically provide detail about the object’s characteristics.

In Soli, radar tracks and recognizes gestures that are expressing by hand and finger motions. And the entire setup of Soli will be equipped with hardware, software, and algorithms as well. And that’s efficient enough to sense the gestures with high speed and accuracy.

Project Soli chip

Where can Project Soli be used?

As the Soli chip has no bulky and moving parts, it consumes very less power. Having this compactness and less energy consumption, the Soli chip can equally be integrated inside the wearables, smartphones, computers, cars and IoT devices. So, the usability of Soli is limitless.


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