Samsung 5G mobile Galaxy S10 5G, will be world’s first 5G phone

Samsung 5G mobile S10 5G

This is the 10th anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone range, and in today’s biggest competition, Samsung is continuously upgrading technology. In parallel, the experimental Galaxy Fold foldable phone, Samsung 5G mobile – Galaxy S 10 5G is in the plan to launch soon in the global market.

Samsung 5G mobile Galaxy S10 5G will be the world’s first 5G phone

The world is waiting for the Galaxy S10 5G. However, the phone has been launched in South Korea on April 5. We will be getting the first 5G phone soon, which was the most anticipated after the 5G wave. We can see the Samsung Galaxy S 10 5G Launch, in the middle of next month in the US.

Samsung 5G mobile S10-5G

Evan Blass, an experienced leaker, has tweeted a code saying: “S10.5G.VZW.05.16.” If the code is tried to understand, then it mentions the launch of the Galaxy S10 5G on May 16. Here ‘VZW’ may refer to Verizon. We know that Evan Blass has a good record before the launch, so we can expect that the release date for the Galaxy S10 can be official in May.


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Specifications

The S10 5G has a 6.7-inch screen, which is larger than the S-10 Plus’s 6.4-inch. This is the biggest screen ever in the Galaxy S device. Bezels are shrunk by using new holes-punch camera techniques.

The phone is capable of managing 5G. What is 5G technology? This is the fifth generation mobile network technology followed by 4G LTE. It ensures a very fast internet speed and low latency rate. Although 5G networks are not yet available, the carrier is expected to be deployed in 2019 until 2021. The Galaxy S10 5G has the 5G logo in the back. And it is also different from the rest of the S10 range.

Key Specs

  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • MicroSD storage: Up to 512GB
  • Screen size: 6.7 inches
  • Battery: 4,500mAh
  • Operating system: Android 9 Pie

Not only the triple cameras but also interestingly there is the fourth camera on the rear. The Fourth, the Time of Flight (ToF) camera at the S105G can surprisingly capture the 3D depth in the snap. This ToF camera is also present on the front, next to the 10-megapixel front camera. Samsung confirms that this camera will also provide the experience of Augmented Reality (AR), and we know that it is possible only after 5G. There are other features of ToF such as Video Live Focus, enhances camera performance.

The rest of the specs are almost like the S10 Plus, which has 8GB RAM, 128GB storage and in-display fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor is in full range of the Galaxy S10. But in S10 5G, special X50 modem is used to enable connectivity with 5G networks. Here, 5G can cause large battery drain, so Samsung has provided a larger 4500mAh battery in the Galaxy S10 5G which supports super fast charging at 25W.


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