Samsung delayed Galaxy Fold launch

Galaxy Fold Delay

Samsung has officially confirmed its postponement of the release of its Galaxy Fold. The phone was scheduled to launch on April 26. But now Samsung has delayed Galaxy Fold launch due to performance flaws in the phone. In April, some early reviewers found the display broke and performance defect in the Galaxy Fold foldable phone. For this reason, Samsung has decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold. Now the company can announce the new release date of the phone in the coming weeks.

According to sources, the Galaxy Fold may come to market in May, but nothing has been confirmed yet from Samsung. Even pre-orders have been suppressed on the company’s website and asked the customers to check availability on US carriers AT & T and T-Mobile websites.

Samsung delayed Galaxy Fold launch after a few issues

After the failure of some early units, the durability of the Galaxy Fold came into concern. The first reaction was due to its display issues. The ‘protective layer’ is a little confusing, was accidentally pulled from the screen, this is the reason that some units’ displays were broken. Apart from this, other cases such as the Galaxy Fold failed to perform after a day or two. Similarly, the inside and outside inside hinge didn’t look good.

The Samsung spokesman said that their initial findings of the issues reported on the display showed an impact on the top and lower areas of the hinge. Also in some cases, the display was affected by the device. Samsung person also said that the company will take measures to strengthen the display protection.

Although there is a delay in completing pre-order for the Galaxy Fold to the customers, this is a fair step. Because the high-cost phone with issues can harm the company’s reputation if it does not perform well. Although the delay is taking place, the consumer will now positively take the phone without problems. Samsung also assured the customer that their pre-order will be fulfilled soon. Samsung also assured the customer that their pre-order will be made soon.

The company had the right time to decide on the delay in launch. The phone was very close to launch and shipping. If the phone is launched with a serious design flaw, then there may be a negative wave in the media. But just before it’s too late, Samsung took this step.


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