Galaxy Fold launch: Samsung relaunches foldable phone in September

Galaxy Fold

After postponing the launch of Samsung’s first foldable phone, it was blurred that, when will Galaxy Fold launch again after fixing all issues. Its previous sale date was April 26, but just before that company found screen’s breaking or the thin film tear issues in test devices. For the good faith, Samsung has decided not to sell the Galaxy fold, pulled all devices, and delay its launch.

It has been three months pulling the phone, the Galaxy Fold will now relaunch in September. However, Samsung has not announced the date, said they’ll announce it later.

Galaxy Fold launch: Samsung relaunches its first foldable phone in September

The Galaxy Fold is getting second chance to comes to the launch when the company is also about to launch Galaxy Note 10, that will compete with iPhone 11. The Samsung wants to be ahead of the technology, rumored, developing two more 5G phones (Already has Galaxy S10 5G).

Galaxy Fold

Samsung claims that it has slight changes to the Galaxy Fold’s design and reinforced the screen, internal structure, and hinge area. All these upgrades will keep this Foldable phone more strong.

Earlier some reviewers removed the screen protective layer that caused damage in display. The incident created a lot of controversies. Now, this film is a border wide enough that will be much difficult to pull it up with a fingernail.

Samsung said that protective caps are also added to the hinge area. However, there’re many things that can’t really be determined without the phone’s final look.

Samsung answered a few questions to CNET about Galaxy Fold’s redesign.

What message will display on the box about the design or protective layer?

Samsung said that it will ensure care and use guidance clearly deliver to users through materials in the Galaxy Fold packaging such as a quick start guide.

When and how will Samsung restart preorders?

On this, the company said that it will review the launch plan and soon bringing Galaxy Fold to consumers. Availability and preorder details will be announced in the coming weeks.


Will the Galaxy Fold cost the same as its earlier price announced previously?

The company answered that there is no change in the pricing of the Galaxy Fold. It will still remain $1,980.

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