Samsung folding screen test, showing Galaxy Fold folding skills in video

As Samsung is very close to unveiling its Galaxy Fold in the market, the company needed to show its followers the durability of the Samsung folding screen. The company uploaded a video where the Samsung folding screen is being tested by Samsung’s special stress testing machines. The company has uploaded this new video to highlight the ability to bend the folding screen, and the stress potential.

Samsung folding screen skill test

Samsung folding screen test, Video shows Galaxy Fold folding skills

We have known that Foldable Phone Trend has started in 2019. Some smartphone giants such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung have started showcasing their foldable phone technology through social media and video.  Xiaomi recently uploaded a video showing what the phone’s screen would look like when folded and unfolded. In continuation, Samsung uploaded the previous video, revealing the first look of the Galaxy Fold on its official YouTube channel. Similarly, Samsung has uploaded another video which is showing a close look of its Galaxy Fold.

In this Samsung folding screen video, machines are unfolding and folding together many phones. This stress test is giving confidence that the folding screen is durable and can face many opening and bending. Apart from this, in the clip, all the sides and corners have also been reflected in the Samsung folding screen. You can easily understand how the Galaxy Fold screen really looks when its fold and unfold.

The Samsung screen of Galaxy Fold looks quite slick and without any dent. Also, the screen reaction is fast. It’s going on and off so fast with the Folding Instant. Similarly, there is no big gap at the device fold, and there is no creasing problem too.

Samsung Folding Screen in the Smartphone, can live up to 200,000 folds and Unfold according to the promise given by the company. This number of folds and unfolds is an estimate of the company, which reaches around five years of usage, takes 100 times in one day. Obviously, this is a huge number and you can’t achieve it soon, as long as you do not have your own folding robot like Samsung is showing in a video.

The Galaxy Fold is going to release on April 26, and the starting price will be $1,980.

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