Samsung Galaxy Fold launches soon: here are release date, price and features

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The foldable phone trend has begun in 2019. Companies like Samsung and Huawei are busy working towards their foldable phones. Samsung has shown a close look of its Galaxy Fold in its new video. Video provides a closeup of the device in phone and tablet mode. The 4-minute video offers the best look of this futuristic foldable smartphone. This video provides a glimpse of every angle of the Galaxy Fold.

The video shows equally what Samsung wants to reveal during its keynote event in San Francisco. In the event, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 devices with the glimpse of the Galaxy Fold. Although Samsung only demonstrated the Galaxy Fold only once, may the company have separate plans with this foldable phone launch.


Samsung Galaxy Fold: a foldable screen concept

Many closure images show the hinge of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Also, present the smartphone in both phone and tablet modes. Simultaneously, Samsung also presented the look of the apps on the larger screen while unfolding. In addition, the company showed how Google Maps works on smaller as well as on the larger display of the Galaxy Fold. There’s also a glimpse of Instagram, Netflix and Google Maps into the phone, shown in the video clip. And the camera that reveals how it performs in both phone and tablet mode.

Galaxy fold

Widely, the bigger screen will also give you better gaming experience. Apart from this, the video shows that you can use the USB-C port to connect the phone to a larger display, which will run Samsung DeX for desktop-like feeling.

The Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display just like a tablet. With this, you can turn the phone with its hinges. In Fold Mode, the Galaxy Fold has a separate 4.6-inch screen (12: 9), which is completed by HD and connected by bezels. The main display of the phone goes into QXGA + resolution. The aspect of the screen becomes the ratio of 4.2:3. With the sleek design, it can be easily put in the pocket after the fold.

Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Fold on April 26th. And the price will be $1,980. With this price, the phone seems a bit expensive. Although the time will tell that the phone offers value for money, considering a completely new concept of the foldable phone. But with this, we can say that the Foldable Phone Trend took its first step in 2019.


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